Callahan, Juanita L.

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Eldest daughter of Harold Edward Callahan and Elizabeth Kathryn Callahan (née Dunbar, q.v.): older sister of Dairine Callahan.

Vital statistics:

Full name / formal name: Juanita Louise Callahan
Nicknames: Nita, Neets
Height: cm / x' x"
Weight: kg / lb
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Gray
Ethnicity: Irish-American / Scottish-American
Birthday: (new timeline) April 16, 1995
Age: +/-? Template:Age warning
Education: (primary) North East Primary, Hempstead NY
(secondary) Rose Avenue School, Hempstead NY
(high school) Hempstead Jr. Sr. High, Hempstead NY


(Note for later in the entry: There is a discrepancy in Nita's middle initial. It appears in DW and HW as "T". This is incorrect. The correct initial is "L" (see WAW). >