Lone Power

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A typical avatar or appearance of the Lone Power

The Wizard's Manual says:

"Fifty or sixty eons ago, when Life brought itself about, it also brought about to accompany it many Powers and Potentialities to manage the business of creation. One of the greatest of these Powers held aloof for a long time, watching its companions work, not wishing to enter into Creation until it could contribute something unlike anything the other Powers had made, something completely new and original. Finally the Lone Power found what it was looking for. Others had invented planets, light, gravity, space. The Lone Power invented death, and bound it irrevocably into the worlds. Shortly thereafter the other Powers joined forces and cast the Lone One out.

"Many versions of this story are related among the many worlds, assigning blame or praise to one party or another..."

This history has given rise to the traditional greeting of wizards meeting the Lone One in adversarial situations: "Fairest and Fallen, greeting and defiance!"