Rodriguez, Christopher K.

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Only son and youngest child of Juan Rodriguez and Marina Rodriguez (née Bellario).

Vital statistics:

Full name / formal name: Christopher Kellen Rodriguez
Nickname: Kit Height: cm / x' x"
Weight: kg / lb
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Birthday: (new timeline) August 25, 1995
Age: (old timeline) (Kit is twelve years old at the beginning of SYWTBAW, and can be assumed to have been thirteen for the seven books following. However, he will turn fourteen during the events of AWOM.) Template:Age warning
Education: (primary) North East Primary, Hempstead NY
(secondary) Rose Avenue School, Hempstead NY; Hempstead Jr. Sr High, Hempstead NY


(Note for later in the entry: There is a discrepancy regarding Kit's middle initial. In HW it appears as "K": in TWD, as "R". This was almost certainly an error in typeset. The correct initial is "K".)