Book of Night with Moon

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Nita with the Book of Night with Moon

The archetypal book which must be read from at intervals to keep the physical universe in order. It was stolen by the Lone Power and hidden in the Dark Manhattan, guarded by the Eldest. Somewhat reflecting the dualities of the physical universe it expresses and contains, the Book has a "shadow" which was kept by the Lone Power until Template:NitaAndKit stole it and traded it to the Eldest for the bright Book, which they returned to their home reality and the care of the Senior wizards. The whereabouts of the Book are presently unknown.

The Wizard's Manual is assumed to be a subset or "unbundle" of parts of the Book.

(Not to be confused with the first novel in the Feline Wizardry sequence, The Book of Night with Moon, q.v.) (SYWTBAW)