Michael Power

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The demiurgic Power among the Powers that Be who seems to have been most frequently associated in some ancient religions of Earth with such gods or godlike powers as Athene, Prometheus, Thor, and (most recently, hence the title) with the archangel Michael.1 He (or she or it) is also one of the Powers that has historically had one of the the closest connections / relationships with mortal creation, frequently visiting the world of physical existence and sometimes remaining there for extended periods in avataric form -- possibly as the best way of keeping close tabs on the bad behavior of his/her/its ancient colleague and foe, the Lone Power.

The Michael Power is routinely closely identified with the One's Champion, and is assumed to have been foremost in the struggle in which the Lone Power was cast out of the upper reaches of Creation. Also sometimes known as the Winged Defender. (SYWTBAW, HW, et al.)

1 It should be noted that these equivalences are not exact: the Powers often seem to work in and out of one another's roles to a greater or lesser extent, trading off characteristics as required for the work at hand.